Strive 4 Business

We are actively seeking enthusiastic entrepreneurs and buoyant business owners to join our successful Devon & Somerset business breakfast group.

About Strive

Strive is a business growth cooperative established by a motley crew of business owners and entrepreneurs from the Devon & Somerset area. The group was launched by the founder members in early 2015 although many have worked together for much longer. Our goal is to help existing and joining members to develop opportunities through a proven system of mutual support, word of mouth business generation and business development. Our weekly structured networking sessions and growing social calendar have been created to help members find new business for each other, to work together with a ‘pay it forward’ ethos. To find out more about our meetings and whether our group will suit your business requirements or expectations please follow the link below to contact us.

We meet each tuesday morning

Our meetings are run to a structured agenda to ensure that time is used effectively. Over breakfast we chat about our individual business offerings in a very informal atmosphere where

The group work together

The focus is on relationship building so we can mutually benefit one another.

Generate business

Creating introductions into the Strive 4 Business network so the group flourishes helping each other with business leads to help to grow each others business portfolio.

Strive Agendas

Our meetings are run to a structured agenda to ensure that time is used effectively;

  • 07:00 – Arrival & Open Networking

  • 07:15 – Breakfast, Welcome & Intro

  • 07:20 – Member focus (Elevator Pitches)

  • 07:50 – Visitor focus

  • 08:00 – Topical Speaker & Education

  • 08:20 – Business Opportunities

  • 08:30 – Notices & Information

  • 08:35 – AOB / Membership Matters

  • 08:45 – Meeting Close…

Followed by Informal networking / Break-out
strive group